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Meet'N'Fuck Kingdom Meet'N'Fuck Kingdom

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You should have said "he's got a mission of great impotence!" in the description. It would have been perfect. 3 stars.

Oppa Gangnam Run Oppa Gangnam Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

5 stars because I have the high score

Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is an amazing game and deserves a spot in the Portal's top 10, a shame it doesn't have it. I have only played 3 stars into it and I know it's going to be worth finishing 100%. Heavy old-school and modern-day Mario influences, but (obviously) Mario 64 is the most prevalent theme. I just finished it for the first time this year (shame on me) and so much of the game is duplicated here, but in a new style, with new twists.

The amount of effort you put into this is astounding. The graphics options (for simpler backgrounds and all) were nice for this slow laptop to keep it running 30fps. The graphics (sprites & hand drawn) mesh well, the music was well chosen -- a lot of M64 pieces but some remixes and other themes to keep things fresh, and they all suit every level you venture to. It's really a nostalgic trip playing this game, the aesthetics have all been covered; I can't even see many corners cut to save time or effort. Even little touches like Mario having an idle animation, his voice clips both in-game and during cinematics,

Controls are solid. They work. Midair control is as it should be in a Mario game. Some things (like the Backflip: Down, Up+Away) just don't feel right. But all in all, A+. No big complaints.

The plot is appropriately epic.. a tried and true formula, but by no means unoriginal. The dialogue, signs and other text in the game give it a unique personality, and is really refreshing, especially sometimes expecting a Nintendo-written dialogue with a game this pro.

Lots of time to spend here, with 64 stars with their own unique objectives to complete. It doesn't ever feel like you're "collecting stars", just on a big adventure and the stars are along the way.

Also major props on your level designs. Not just the aesthetics but how they play -- it's truly awesome to see a functioning cannon return in the levels it should, the spin-warp stars from Galaxy are a nice touch, too. Layouts of the maps in general, and the general platforming design is great. It's also really cool that you added a level designer, I haven't played with it much yet..

While I hate to sound "nit picky" (this is an awesome game btw) here are a few things that I would LOVE to see in an update:
- NG Medals. Not a big deal, I rarely care about them, but a game this epic and time-consuming deserves a shiny medal to award its winners. :)
- Customizable Controls. Maybe I'm weird, but I'd prefer to map a different layout.
-60fps.. the control feels appropriately tighter at a higher framerate (I think it's not just me hovering around 30 on all graphics settings)
-A big level database. Like Time Fcuk did, connect to NG so users can share their levels right here on the same page as the Flash itself. Or at least have a free host set up where users can submit levels.. you know?

I was sure I could think of more but I'm going blank.. too bad I can't edit this review once I'm done with the game. :)

In summary, this blows me away! A very memorable game, and like I said, deserving of a top 10 of all-time score. Voted 5, favorited, sharing w/ friends!

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BUMs: Back to School BUMs: Back to School

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


This game is too. FUCKING. FRUSTRATING. People cannot see through walls. On the same note, two dumbasses won't sit around and twiddle their thumbs while one runs. No, they'd all move at once. Of course, this couldn't be so easy, could it? Nope.. have to do them each individually. Even with cheats, this game is too fucking hard. You held up on your end, the programmer did not.

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LiLg responds:

Ok, I just got home and thought i would take a look at the reviews and then i noticed there was way more than i could answer. So here i go. Thanks to anyone who liked the game. YOur right about the anime thing :) lol and as for the jumping thing, it's suppose to be hard. Me and the programmer didn't want people just flyin' though the game in a couple of minutes (even tho it is possible cuz i've done it without the cheats on. And as for the taco boss... he's so easy .. i'm not going to give away the secret but he's easy to beat but the final boss is even more easy. So everyone just try harder, thats all i can really ask of ya'll. Most of you have never made a game in your life so can't talk to much trash :) so i'd thank you to stop

Wink: the Game Wink: the Game

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Stuck in the middle.

This game has its high points, and its low points. The graphics are smooth, the audio is great, but there are some issues. I've found a couple of bugs (randomly falling through the floor at times, getting through walls), and sometimes the controls are locky. Also, this game tends to lag alot (even on low). It's worth a play, but it'll probably be grossly overrated, get above a 4, and hit front page.

Dart 3D Dart 3D

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'll just give you straight tens, even though Humor isn't exactly fitting.

I've always known you as a great actionscripter, and what you've done here I could consider godlike.

And I know nothing of it.

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Denvish responds:

W00T! Another positive review! Thanks a lot for your comments. They warm my heart =)

Tiny High / Low - 20k Tiny High / Low - 20k

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is pretty neat..

I played with this for a few minutes. Would be great as a site add-on, or a preloader. I got well over 10,000 playing, but still quite a challenge.

Jungle Master Jungle Master

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I got a far better score than Thedeathbringer, I don't think it can be beaten.. quote him "ha i rule".

VHD's FPS Tutorial VHD's FPS Tutorial

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Not very great. There are too many FPS tutorials.

VHuntD responds:

from the person that reviewed below you. "good to see a tutorial for a fps around, because there arent too many" I dont know if your right but are there too many good ones? ha

Powerfox V.2 Powerfox V.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like it, the graphics are nice (dig teh fox) and the gameplay owns. It's like Alien Hominid; "Pushing the envelope of cute character packed with attitude" :}